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Western American
Indian Chamber

1900 Wazee, Suite 100
Denver, CO  80202
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Western American Indian Chamber

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The Western American Indian Chamber was formed by a group of American Indian individuals and businesses in response to a real need for an association that would work for the common benefit of the members.

The Western American Indian Chamber was launched in 1989 and is now fully organized and actively involved in a number of programs to help build a stronger American Indian business community constituency.

The Chamber now has a diverse membership roster consisting of American Indian individuals and businesses, non-Indian businesses and individuals, and representatives from public sector agencies and corporate industry.


The purpose of the Western American Indian Chamber is to assist American Indians in the pursuit of self-sufficiency through business success.

To this end, the Chamber will actively support and nurture well-planned, long-term business growth for members.

The Chamber will promote and stimulate business opportunities for members by providing organized access to public sector agencies and private industry.

The Chamber will also provide a forum for members to address legislative issues and government concerns that affect American Indian business.


  • Listing in American Indian Business Directory
  • Business referrals for members
  • Introductions to corporate and government agency buyers
  • Business skills training
  • Access to business seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Access to scholarships
  • Mentoring for business success
  • Business networking
  • Business plan assistance
  • Access to Chamber services
  • Becoming a voice for American Indian business interests


Board Of Directors

Ben Sherman - Lakota 

Bob Outland - Choctaw
Vice President

Ted Bryant - Choctaw / Cherokee

Ava Hamilton - Arapaho

Jhon Goes In Center - Lakota

Debbie Hedin - Lakota


The figure used here is a symbolic depiction of that magnificent free-soaring being, the Eagle.  The Eagle captures the skies with matchless grace, courage, strength and dignity.  This wonderful creature is a marvel of keen vision and absolute honesty to its true nature.

Western American Indian Chamber
1900 Wazee, Suite 100
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 620-9292
Fax (303) 664-5139

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